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KELL is one of the major provider of LED Lighting solutions . KELL constantly focus towards alleviating the world's most pressing environmental challenges has motivated the team to develop green lighting solutions.

KELL Providing high energy-efficient ,cost-effective and Eco- friendly LED Lighting thereby helping to shape the future of lighting technology.As the leading innovator in the LED lighting Industry, KELL has also played a pioneering role in the areas of quality of service and customer satisfaction with international quality standards and performance.

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Advantages of LED lighting

Over incandescent and fluorescent lamps


Less Power Consumption


Recyclable & Echo Friendly


UV Emission Free


Less CO2 Emission

For home

LED Bulbs

Energy efficient alternative for traditional styled incandescent and fluorescent bulbs on your home.

LED Tube Lights

LED replacement for old style Tube Lights. 100% Echo friendly and UV free other than the normal fluorescent tubes.

LED Down Lights

Energy efficient lighting solution for your interiors and ceilings.


LED Pannel Lights

LED panel lights are reliable, energy-efficient replacements for fluorescent troffers. Ideal for ambient lighting in offices, retail spaces, classrooms and other commercial, educational, or municipal buildings.

For business

LED Flood Lights

10 times longer life than other lights. Once you install an LED flood light, you do not have to worry about replacement for a long time.

High Mast Lights

KELL high mast lights are designed to deliver high lumen packages with precise optical control in outdoor lighting applications.

LED Street Lights

LED street lighting saves massive amount of energy; reduces CO2 emissions; and improves the quality of the ambient street experience.


LED Highbay Lights

LED high bay lights are specifically designed for taller ceilings and larger areas. They focus light more directly to create powerful illumination at a long range.

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